It’s Picnic Season! Here’s How to Make Individual Charcuterie Boxes for Your Next Summer Outing

It’s Picnic Season! Here’s How to Make Individual Charcuterie Boxes for Your Next Summer Outing


We’re in the summer time, and you know what that means: hot days. When the seasonal heat is at its peak, it’s hard to bring myself to turn on the oven and cook. Enter these summer charcuterie boxes!

Charcuterie boxes are the perfect thing to throw together on summer’s hottest days–especially if you’ve got a picnic planned. They require no cooking, and let’s be honest–hot food is the last thing someone wants to eat when it’s 100 degrees outside. So grab yourself a reusable or disposable container like these to-go boxes that I found online, and build your own individual charcuterie!

How to Assemble Charcuterie Boxes:

The best way to assemble your box is in layers. You start with the cheese, then add meats and crackers, and then fill in with extras. Let’s break this all down:

I recommend picking 2-3 cheeses. You don’t need to add all three types to each box, but this gives you some variety overall. Grab two kinds of meats–I recommend some salami or even prosciutto or summer sausage–and add 2-3 types of crackers. Mix a variety of flavors and shapes for taste and visual interest.



Now to the extras (arguably my favorite part). Fill in the gaps in your box with fresh or dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, or even a spread like preserves. Pro tip: I love buying a mini baguette and adding slices of it to the box to enjoy with fig preserves and a slice of white cheddar on top.

The best thing about these boxes? They are incredibly easy to customize to each person’s preferences and dietary needs. Plus, they’re so fun to build for a summer outing with a group! Mix and match what you put in each box, and enjoy swapping bites with your friends.


These are the perfect snack or light meal to pack for a picnic, a day at the beach, or even to munch on while you watch fireworks. Charcuterie never looked so good–or so portable! Happy summer, friends! Charcuterie heaven awaits.


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