How to Creatively Recycle Your Prom Dress

How to Creatively Recycle Your Prom Dress

Give your prom dress a new lease of life

 After the dance, our prom dresses are always dusted. Luckily, there are plenty of creative things you can do with prom dresses after the prom to bring them back to life. Let's see how DIYers do it.


1. Change the neckline or sleeves.
What if you had an idea of how to re-wear a prom dress without being too obvious? We can create new looks by changing the neckline or sleeves. Also, designers can give you some ideas to help you design, like making a strapless dress, turning a turtleneck dress into a V-neck.


2.You may see other people's dresses look good at the ball and like them, then we can have a dress up party to exchange each other's dresses. Get drinks, food, music, hangers, and don't forget, a very important full-length mirror!


3.Donate your post-prom dress to charity and they will give your dress to girls who can't afford a dress, make your dress shine again, one lucky girl will wear your donated dress in the lights A happy smile, all thanks to your generosity.


4. If you had a floor-length dress for prom night, visit a tailor to talk about having it shortened.




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